Financial Management Mistakes in the Age of 30 Years

Approaching the age of 30 you surely realize that you are getting closer to a new chapter in life. There is a saying that “life begins at thirty”, where after that age you are required to have matured your entire life strategy including financial matters. Luckily for those of you who are still very young, you might immediately strategize, so that you can be more mature in life management. Especially in finance as a provision in the next age round.

For those of you who are approaching the age of 30 or already in that age range, always be aware of financial management mistakes. The goal is to avoid these unwanted financial problems. Here are some financial management mistakes at the age of 30 years:

1. Cannot Save, Even though You Realize How Important To Do It
Saving money is a basic human need. Nevertheless, saving is in accordance with interests. The key is saving for things that are very important. Also keep in mind that you do not force yourself to save if it will create a burden on your life. Included in this case, if at this age, you do not have a place to stay, think about having a special saving for the sake of buying a house. Make a long-term plan and set aside some of your money for home savings. So that everything runs smoothly, try to discipline saving.

2. Too Focus on Children and Forget When You Retire
Indeed, every parent wants to see their children grow well, get the best education possible and want to give their full attention. Likewise, retirement is a period where you will stop working. Therefore, think about retirement and do not over-finance the child. Often we meet parents who overindulge their children excessively by meeting all the needs that are actually not too important, such as the need to play that cost a fortune. Focus on educating children, don’t spoil them. Here we can maximize finance to finance important things. By doing this, it means you can save your time, energy and money as much as possible to face retirement.

3. Forget the Discussion about Finance with Family
Discuss finances with family (between husband and wife) is an appropriate step in compiling a family finance. Do not waste your wedding moments to get to a happier family by discussing all financial plans. Find new resolutions to further improve finances by discussing, because that will be easier than you do it alone.